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Michael Maurer January 31, 2014 at 08:08 AM
This person has posted the same cry for help on many local patch's across the country. Seems to beRead Moret oo much hint of a scam. I read his story and it's not very believable. That's my take.
LAKE ELSINORE RESIDENT February 03, 2014 at 08:50 AM
LAKE ELSINORE RESIDENT People all over the Patch are forwarding this guys post to the IRS, like me Read Morethey must believe this is the guys job and is he reporting taxes? Do a Web search please consider helping and more On some of his post he talks about getting a $4,000.oo donation from one person He also changes his name on his post frequently... If you suspect something is a scam contact the FBI and ask them?
mmf December 23, 2013 at 12:41 PM
I live on Kutcher Rd and have received the shrill papers being distributed door-to-door. I'mRead Moreshocked this controversy has been based on, from what I can tell, nothing but a misguided belief that all people with traumatic brain injuries are inherently dangerous. Having taken the time to actually speak with people on both sides of the proposed project and to actually read some background info, this will be a facility for non-criminal adults who, for a variety of reasons (TBI, dementia, etc.) need daily supportive care & rehab. (It seems most analogous to memory care-specific living areas offered at newest senior living campuses like Ann's Choice.) The current ownership bought the existing Chalfont facility when it was failing all its inspections, but from all signs have completely turned the place around since then and are now doing quite well.
Donna Averell December 23, 2013 at 03:09 PM
First MMF thanks for tuning in - glad your comment provides a opportunity to post some FACTS here.Read MoreT his "controversy" is based on FACT that a facility which houses, PTSD, TBI and Sex Offenders - currently, can not be counted on to ensure the safety of the community and is in extremely close proximity to residents. A few other items of interest - The DVRC at its current location has had numerous safety violations - 10 to be exact- since June of 2013, according to State record. The DVRC stated there has been none. Not so forthcoming. Next item, while licensed by the State, DVRC is not CARF Certified. CARF is the foremost international governing body for care facilities and sets forth stringent standards of operation, patient care, SAFETY, etc., this certification communicates that a facility with their certification is top notch. All care facilities in our area (i.e. Woods, etc.) have this certification. DVRC has not even applied to initiate this. This is a statement in itself. Therefore no third party regulation would occur, they can do what they want and house who they want. Next, the DVRC is curently hosting a registered sex offender. They say he won't be coming to the new facility - but what is in place to prevent that. NOTHING. Next item, no property tax to UST - as this facility does not pay in Chalfont - they won't pay here either. Another item, men ages 20 through 60 with dementia, really? RARE. Its all TBI and PTSD. I understand there needs to be a place like this somewhere. But housing adult men, with, lets be honest behavioral issue and proclivity toward control issue 15 feet away from where my children play or my neighbeors kids swim in their pool seems a bit much. Senior citizens are not analogous to individuals with PTSD - former Veterans with TBI, which will also be there. I would love to share with you the truth about this place as well as the volumes of research we have done in an effort to better educate you. Let's meet and have coffee. Also, did I mention that our real estate agent said the property values in the WHOLE neighborhood would decrease by at least 20k - hard to sell our homes with this in such close proximity. That means Kutcher too - can you afford that? On a final note, guess people with a low threshhold for agitation because of noise won't mind May through June and the gun firing, intercom blasting swim meets and pool parties, not to mention the noise from 4 lanes of St. Rd. the Firehouse and Police less than a mile away, and the local train. Poor residents. Hey, thanks for your support. : )
Donna Averell December 23, 2013 at 03:10 PM
Oh PS - not sure what shrill papers are going out - would like to see one of them.