Meatless Monday: Serve A Meat-Free Dish in An Edible Squash Bowl

Autumn squash add color, texture and rich flavor to the table.

What could be better than adding a new recipe to your bag of tricks? Making the dish do double-duty as both an entree and its own serving bowl.

Autumn squash—in all colors, shapes, and sizes—do the trick with just a bit of knifework and a good scooping out. Like pumpkin carving, only easier.

Ann Gentry, the executive chef of Vegetarian Times and founder of the organic vegan eatery Real Food Daily, demonstrates just how simple it is to clean a squash and stuff it with a rib-sticking meatless meal. In this YouTube video, she shows how to prepare the edible bowls using baked acorn squash filled with an Argentine stew made with onions, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and kidney beans.

“Small squashes such as kabocha and acorn make spectacular single-serving bowls and you can actually eat the whole thing,” Gentry says.  “You stuff your squash, you pop it in the oven and bake it until it’s tender, and when it comes out you can actually eat the skin of it, as well as the inside sweet, delicious squash.”

A recipe for Argentine-Style Squash Stew with Farmer's Cheese can be found at the Vegetarian Times website.

During October we'll post Meatless Monday recipes and tips sent in by our readers—and some of our editors' favorite dishes, too— each Monday throughout Vegetarian Awareness Month.

Do you have a vegan or vegetarian recipe you'd like to share with us? Email it to jennifer.mohan@patch.com


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