This Was Southampton: Week of August 5, 1959

A look back at life in Southampton, more than a half century ago.

The following information was obtained from The Southampton Star, week of July 29 - August 5, 1959 

Top News:

Chief Gray Warns Street Road Speeders: Traps will be set next week.

Upper Southampton Police Chief Charles W. Gray warned that starting next week speed traps would be set up in several areas across the township.

Gray said the township was not interested in collecting fines but rather in the safety of its citizens.

The Chief told The Star that Street Road, zoned at 40 MPH from Davisville to Second Street Pike should be lowered because of the Shelmire School. He said that is the state law, and he cannot change it, but no warning will be given to speeders there.

Gray also said that 35 MPH from Second Street Pike to Gravel Hill Road along Street Road is too high of a speed limit, due to the condition of the road in that area. Also, Davisville Road was recently re-zoned 35 MPH and this will be enforced by police.

Gray reminded drivers that according to the motor code all business and residential sections of the township are zoned at 25 MPH and any infraction could result in arrest.

Chief Gray told The Star that recently, because of his men being on vacation and because so many vacant homes must be checked while residents are on vacation, the speed checks have been relaxed.

But beginning the next week, the entire force, including new officer Walter Stevens – hired to replace Officer Powell, would be out in full force. 

He said the previous month there were 25 violators caught by police, and that this month arrests would be heavier for violators.

Gray would not reveal where or when the speed checks would be held.

"We want careful drivers every day," he said.


Below the Fold:

Parents Warned on Children's Knives

Chief Charles W. Gray and Juvenile Officer Herbert Anderson of the Upper Southampton Police Department announce a crack down on a number of youngsters in the township who are carrying hunting knives, switchblades and pocket knives.

Police told The Star these children are intimidating other children with the knives as well as carving obscene words in public places.

Chief Gray warned parents to take matters in their own hands and remove the knives before he is forced to have an ordinance made.



This week in 1959, The Davisville Center offered the following deals:

Miracle Whip: 2 for $1

Snappy Dog Food: 6 for 49¢

College Inn Apple Juice: 5 32oz cans for $1

While they last - 20 percent off all aluminum folding chairs.


Helpful Hint:

"As an alternate to short white cotton gloves for summer, try the same style in pale beige. Beige is a neutral color, too."


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