Sports Bar to Replace Calloway's This Spring

A new start-up restaurant called 'Pal'z' will replace Calloway's in Huntingdon Valley, which closed unexpectedly seven months ago.

Back in September people were stunned to learn about the sudden closing of Calloway’s in the Just-A-Farms Shopping Center in Huntingdon Valley.

For the last seven months the property has been closed, gutted and cleared out waiting for a new vendor to take over. Now, renovations have begun for a new restaurant to open in Calloway's place.

Just-A-Farms office manager Jim Pileggi confirmed that a new start-up restaurant called “Pal’z” will take Calloway’s spot at the corner of the shopping center.

"It's already been rented out," Pileggi said. "They are in the process of doing renovations."

Store owner Ed Benza confirmed that it will be an American-type bar similar to Calloway’s, but with better quality food, new floor plans and a complete overhaul of the inside. They replaced the tables, chairs and bars. Construction has started and the owners are currently waiting for the liquor license to transfer.

Calloway’s shut down in September with no prior notice. Employees showed up for work one day only to see a sign on the door that stated the restaurant was closed.

“Two years ago the family that owned it subleased it,” Peliggi said. “The fellow they leased it to wasn't doing a good job. He owed the electric company a lot, didn’t keep up with painting and the quality of the food.

“We took the possession of the property,” Peliggi added. “We got it released and hopefully it will open not too much later.”

Pileggi said he expects Pal’z to open sometime in April or May.

JOE MAC March 11, 2013 at 03:54 AM
Never did like calloways the bar sucked the way it was laid out...the food was good at one time but it needs a total overhaul...the bar needs to kinda resember the old possabilities(sorry if i spelled that wrong) the ex owner was a dick head and to be honest i will be suprised if this new "sports bar" will make it. Just make it a name without the sports bar lable....so old school and way too many bars labled as a sports bar...make it a cheap cool bar with a band once a week....I can help draw people!!! iNTERESTED? let me know
JOE MAC March 11, 2013 at 04:34 AM
I was not stunned that bar closed down you could never get take out there unless you paid like 8.00 for a six of bud and they never sold cans...just bcause its in huntingdon valley my advice would be its only across countyline rd. I quit drinking but i will check it out...if the price is right i might change my mind...this is not a rich hood...just a piece of advice take it for what its worth it will not work to long THE ECONOMY IS NOT GOOD...goog luck!
Tom March 11, 2013 at 12:51 PM
You are suddenly the bar expert? You drink from cans lol.


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