Letter to the Editor: Trash Collection

Township Manager Joe Golden responds to residents concerns regarding trash collection.

Effective May 1, trash, recycling, and bulk waste collection is on Fridays; yard waste collection is on Mondays.

Switching to once a week trash collection was done for two primary purposes: reduce the trash fee and to encourage recycling.

The trash fee was reduced from $345 per year to $310 per effective this year, and the fee is expected to remain at that rate for four years. This is suprising considering trash collection is labor and vehicle/gas consumption intensive.

Last year, the Township switched to single stream recycling and expanded the types of materials which can be recycled.

I refer you to the township website and the brochure delivered to each resident for a list of materials to recycle. The list expands from time to time.

For example, waxed paper milk and juice cartons may now be recycled; a year ago they were not.

During the past year, residents recycled approximately 40% more materials than the previous year. This resulted in an cost savings to the residents and an environmental benefit to the community.

For example, it costs $68 per ton to dispose of trash at the incinerator; the Township receives revenue (the amount varies according to market conditions) for every ton of recyclable materials it delivers to the recycling processing facility.

All residents were given a large recycling container to facilitate recyling collection.

The goal is to increase the amount of recyclable materials collected and reduce the amount of trash collected.

It is expected that the percentage of recyclable materials collected to trash collected will be 50/50. Twently years ago, that ratio was 85% trash/15% recyclables. This was accomplised through the efforts of Township residents, so having twice a week trash collection and once a week recycling collection seemed counter productive in reaching the goal of increasing recycling and reducing trash.

Having trash trucks traveling throughout the Township once a week rather than twice a week will reduce vehicle emissions and wear and tear on streets.

I am conerned that some residents received a brochure intended for Northampton Township residents and would like to know where those were delivered (street name is sufficient).

As submitted by Township Manager Joe Golden.

Ken Woodring May 03, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Would like to see the township do a better job with collecting recyclables at the youth playing fields - particularly Klinger/Tamamend Pk, the Youth Ctr, Schaefer Field, Southampton Estates fields, and Veterans Field 95% of the trash at these locations is plastic bottles that could be recycled - but get thrown in the trash Would also like to see a trash and recycling drop off location in the Townships/Library parking lot. Why doesn't the Township or Library have a newspaper recycling bin in their lot - could raise some $$$? I agree that we can get by with once a week collection - but township should have done a better job with communication especially in the last week of April.
Joseph Golden May 03, 2012 at 05:27 PM
The Townhisp has an email notification list. One way to keep informed of Township news is to sign up for email alerts on the Township website at www.southamptonpa.com. There is a button on the front page of the website (right side near the top titled "sign up for email alerts"). You will receive an email notification of pertinent news article that is posted on the website. We do not send email alerts for every bit of news posted so as not to overwhelm.
Steve G May 04, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Mr. Golden The other way to keep the residents informed is to broadcast the Supervisors meetings. This was done for many years and suddenly stopped. Many residents watched these meetings on the Township channel. WHY WAS THIS STOPPED???? I think the recording of the Supervisors meetings was stopped because too many residents were informed of upcoming issues and may had attended future Supervisors meetings. The lame excuse that was given at the time was that the video camera stopped working. With all of that the money the Township is now saving on trash collection, BUY A NEW CAMERA AND START TELEVISING THE SUPERVISORS MEETING AGAIN!!!
Eric S May 07, 2012 at 01:24 AM
What you have to take into account is the fact that the amount of trash hasn't changed. Tonnage will be the same. As will the disposal costs. The trucks will be making, in my estimations, roughly the same amount of road time. No matter how you slice it, the trucks have a weight limit. Pick up a full load and head for the dump, then back again for the next load. I would think that there might be a little less mileage/time overall and that accounts for the small savings. And hey, $25 is $25. We'd be ranting about an increase of that much, so a decrease is acceptable.
Eric S May 07, 2012 at 01:31 AM
I agree. With today's ability to be aired on public access cable ALL government meetings should be televised. Failure to do so lends an air of legitimacy to concerns of secretive dealings, denial of public opinion and the ability to change the story. It seems to me any governmental body would WANT the public, who are in the end the bosses, to know exactly what business is being conducted in our behalf.


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