Bail to Remain at $1M for Alleged Elder Care Scam Artist

Ross Rabelow, 52, of Jason Drive, was charged along with three other co-defendants last month for allegedly conspiring to defraud senior citizens into purchasing bogus home care services.

A Montgomery County judge has denied a request to lower the bail of a Southamtpon man charged with defrauding senior citizens.

Ross Rabelow, 52, of Jason drive is one of four man facing a long list of charges related to " - a financial fraud scheme that deceived elderly victims into spending thousands of dollars for “home care” or “home security” services that would supposedly assist with their future care.

CBS.com reports Rabelow's attorney argued that his client should not be lumped in with the other defendants.

According to the report, the state's attorney expressed concern that if Rableow were to be released, he would simply continue with his illegal conduct.

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