Bensalem Warrant Sweep Nets Levittown Residents

Several Levittown residents were arrested as part of of a warrant sweep by Bensalem Township police.

Seventeen people were arrested Friday morning as part of a warrant sweep, according to Bensalem Township Police.

Local police and Pennsylvania State Constables conducted an early morning sweep of people wanted from Bensalem, according to Sgt. Andrew Aninsman of the Bensalem Police Department.

"In this second phase of warrant arrests Police are actively searching for those people who commit crimes and continue to avoid the criminal justice system," a release from the police department said.

During this phase, police were searching for 44 people wanted for crimes such as burglary, forgery, distributing narcotics, aggravated assault, thefts and DUI. Of the 44 people, 17 were arrested.

Two of those arrested were Levittown residents. A Bristol man and Croydon man were also captured, police said.

All 17 people were arraigned by Magisterial Judge Brown. Fifteen were sent to Bucks County Prison, one was released on unsecured bail and another person posted the 10 percent cash bail, police said.

Those arrested were from Bensalem, Bristol, Croydon, Levittown, Yardley, Warminster, Cheltenham and Philadelphia:

  • Lawrence MacDade, 28, of Bensalem—Theft
  • Michael Hoseph Lengel, 32, of Bensalem—DUI
  • Anthony J. Pasqualone, Jr., 25, of Bensalem—Theft
  • Ruben Joel Rodriguez, 23, of Bensalem—Narcotics
  • Randall James Tinsman, 46, of Bensalem—Theft
  • Victor Maldonado Forti, 21, of Bristol—Narcotics
  • Dean Daniel Lacroix, 33, of Croydon—Burglary
  • Theresa Marie Eckert, 45, of Croydon—Receiving Stolen Property
  • Mark M Giuffre, 28, of Levittown—Narcotics
  • Tre An Khapri Croft, 22, of Levittown—Narcotics
  • Ryan Lecompte, 24, of Yardley—Narcotics
  • Peter Joseph Duma, 48, of Yardley—Narcotics
  • Richard Peacock, 25, of Warminster—Narcotics
  • James Croce, 54, of Cheltenham—Receiving Stolen Property
  • Francis Vincent Faucher, 23, of Philadelphia—Narcotics
  • Robert A Maggiani, 53, of Philadelphia—Narcotics
  • Ronald Lee Oetzel, 44, of Philadelphia—Theft

Though 17 arrests were made on Friday, Jan. 25, more than 80 warrants are still active in Bensalem. A list of all active warrants can be seen in the PDF found in the media section of this article.

concerned citizen January 27, 2013 at 08:42 PM
The first graduating asses of 2013! Congradulations people and happy new yeAr! Look on bucks county sheriffs warrant search website to help find the next class to be selected for admission to the college of bucks county prison.
john doe January 28, 2013 at 01:19 AM
A total waste of time and taxpayers money! Thank god we got all of these "hardened" criminals off the street. We all can sleep easier at night now. Of course Im being sarcastic, and I dont know whats worse here...the fact that the county wasted so much time, energy and money looking for these people, or the fact that they are publishing an article about it. Not to say these people shouldnt be made accountable for what they have done, but the fact that we are acting like they are hardened murderers on the FBI most wanted list is funny. I just think Bensalem PD should be focusing on other more important things and not petty criminals like these people. In fact, I KNOW there are more harmful people and things in Bensalem. Maybe the should concern themselves with that.


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