Cops: Southampton Resident Caught with Drugs, Guns

Andrew Bain Jr., 62, was charged with DWI and several gun charges after he was arrested in New Jersey.

A 62-year-old Southampton man was arrested Saturday night in Delran, N.J. after police found him driving while intoxicated, Phillyburbs.com first reported.

Andrew Bain Jr., of Southampton, was in possession of marijuana and had a gun loaded with hollow-point bullets with him at the time of his arrest, police told Phillyburbs.com.

The Southampton man is facing a slew of charges, including possession of drugs in a motor vehicle, possession of illegal bullets, and driving while intoxicated in a school zone.

Why Bain was carrying the illegal ammunition has not yet been released by authorities.

As of press time, Patch has been unsuccessful in reaching Delran police officials for more information.

Eric S November 29, 2011 at 03:11 PM
The penalty is as high as a year per bullet and 3 years per gun. Given the crime rate in NJ I'd say the gun control laws have failed completely. Only the criminals have guns in a gun-free enviroment. As for legality of hollow points, they are legal for range use and some hunting applications. But they cannot be used even in a home defense firearm. Forget about legally carried outside the home, NJ never issues licenses to carry. NJ has managed to make criminals safe from their victims. This is one of the primary reasons I rarely venture to NJ and when I do I don't leave a single dime behind other than the bridge toll.
Eric S November 29, 2011 at 03:20 PM
Why? What's the big deal...so the guy smokes pot. Where does it say he's a "pothead"? I'll take a illegal stoner next to me any day before a legally drunk idiot. Like gun control laws, we're wasting valuble resources trying to solve a non-problem while real criminals are running around causing much worse damage. Legislation on both issues are pandering to the uninformed and unthinking. It all sounds good on paper. So, just how have pot and gun control laws worked out? See any reductions in violence or drug use? Stronger gun laws have provided criminals with a safe work enviroment. Stronger drug laws have produced stronger drugs. Yeah, that worked. We have to try something different.
Eric S November 29, 2011 at 03:35 PM
Hollow points will get you prison time in NJ. Yep, their wasting taxpayer's money locking up a guy with some bullets while drug dealers and violent assualts sometimes only get months. It's the result of knee-jerk legislation passed by people who are merely attempting to appear to be creating a solution to voters who are willing to not think about the issue. "We outlawed the evil bullets!" The bullets were never the problem, it was the guy popping them off with no regard for life that is the problem. And he doesn't care if their legal or not.
TomInPA November 29, 2011 at 05:11 PM
Some kids just never grow up. Eric, he was legally drunk. He's in deep do-do. Hollow points in Jersey is $1,000 fine per bullet plus you can't even have - let alone carry a handgun in NJ without permission from each municipality you travel through. Oh, and he was stoned to the bejeezas too.
Eric S November 29, 2011 at 06:27 PM
Hi TominPA. Yeah, I saw he was drunk, pretty much the only real crime in the situation....and one deserving of jailtime. But what is really going to sink his boat is the weapons charges, which are insanely severe. That's why I think he's an idiot. Drunk driving.....with illegal items in his possession. Now, even though I disagree with many drug laws and most gun control laws, they are presently the law and he is screwed. It reminds me of an idiot kid here a few years ago. Doing donuts in the middle of a busy road...with 7 ounces of pot in the car. He belongs in jail just for being stupid. His defense? "Pot shouldn't be illegal." Maybe so, but it is you moron. (no, not you Tom, the idiot kid)


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