Man Found at Home After Fleeing Scene of Car Crash; DUI Charges Pending

Police said a Southampton man crashed into a utility pole, fled the scene, abandoned the vehicle and was found at home.

According to Northampton Police, charges relating to DUI are pending after a Southampton man crashed into a utility pole, fled the scene, abandoned the vehicle in a wooded area and was found at home.

A motorist reported witnessing a traffic crash on Chinquapin Road off of Buck Road, at 10:47 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 25, where a vehicle struck a utility pole and then fled the scene. The striking vehicle reportedly became disabled off of Bristol Road. 

Officers located the vehicle with extensive damage in a wooded area on Bristol Road near Murray Road, according to the police blotter. The vehicles registered owner, a 43-year-old man from Southampton, was located at his home near where the vehicle was found. The man said he had been drinking, police said.

Police observations of Hatter led to his being taken into custody on suspicion of having been driving while under the influence. He was transported to the Saint Mary Medical Center where samples of his blood were obtained for analysis, the blotter said. After processing at Northampton Township Police Department headquarters, he was released into the care of a family member.

Charges relating to DUI are pending the lab report.

Read all of the details from the police blotter, including the man's name, in the PDF, which can be found in the media section of this article page.


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