More Bear Sightings Reported in Bucks County Tuesday

A Newtown resident said she was running on Linton Hill Road toward Washington Crossing Road Tuesday when police told her to turn back due to the bear sightings.

Another black bear sighting was reported in Bucks County Tuesday, this time in Newtown.

At 5:15 a.m., a Newtown Township Police Officer was passing through the borough when a motorist flagged him down to say he saw a black bear on North Lincoln Ave at Jefferson Ave.

The officer began checking the area and spotted the bear crossing Lincoln Avenue. Shortly after, another report came in that there was a bear sighting in the Rain Tree Development. Officers checked the area but did not find the bear.

One Newtown resident said she was running on Linton Hill Road toward Washington Crossing Road when police told her to turn back due to the bear sightings. 

There have been several bear sightings around Bucks and Montgomery counties this spring. A bear that was spotted in Bensalem in late May was euthanized after officials said he had a broken leg. A similar situation happened in Horsham after a bear was spotted in a Wawa parking lot.

A black bear sighting was reported May 8 near the Saint Andrews Elementary School in Newtown. A few days later, bear sighting was reported in Northampton Township near Richboro Elementary School.

If you see a bear, don't panic. Here are some tips from wildlife experts:

  • Keep trash cans secured
  • Leave the bear alone and it will probably leave you alone. 
  • Don't follow or harass the bear. 
  • If you end up in close proximity to a bear, clap your hands and shout. The noise will probably scare it away.
Holland native June 03, 2014 at 12:32 PM
I hope they don't murder this one too.
Leigh June 03, 2014 at 01:46 PM
If the public can refrain from acting like total morons while the game commission is trying to do its job, the bear will be safely transported.
Joseph June 03, 2014 at 04:33 PM
Oh...the bear went over the mountain the bear went over the mountain the bear went over the mountain....to see all that he could see
A June 04, 2014 at 08:16 AM
The game commissioner was visibly distraught having to euthanize the bears. If people had not chased after the bear they might have caught and relocated it safely. I mean really, saw a lady takeher children in her car to go see the bear. No regard for tbe childrens safety or the bears well being.
Pamela McCarthy June 04, 2014 at 12:55 PM
Yes Leigh, people need to apply some critical thinking: those bears with broken legs weren't found in the wilderness but in very densely populated areas with heavily traveled roads. The game commission does relocate bears it thinks are viable to do so.


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