Deer Hunting in Tyler State Park Wednesday

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Game Commission have scheduled a one-day regulated deer hunt Wednesday in Tyler Park.

A one-day regulated deer hunt to manage the whitetail deer population will be held Wednesday at Tyler State Park.

The purpose of the hunt is to manage the large deer population that is adversely affecting the natural habitat at the park, officials said.

The large deer population is causing damage to shrubbery, wildflowers and other park vegetation, according to wildlife biologists, resulting in a severe reduction in the biological diversity of plant and animal species in the area.

Furthermore, the amount of deer has also resulted in several auto accidents and damage to vegetation both in the park and surrounding property,  according to Northampton Township officials.

To properly manage the deer herd, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Game Commission have scheduled a one-day regulated deer hunt for Wednesday.

"The one-day shotgun only hunt is intended to reduce both antlered and antlerless deer populations," the notice from Northampton Township said.

The hunt will be limited to 150 hunters who have special state park permits, and only shotguns using a "00" buckshot will be permitted.

Safety precautions will be taken by the Bureau of State Parks and The Pennsylvania Game Commission to ensure the hunt is conducted in a safe manner. 

"As a safety measure, safety zones, no hunting areas, and park boundaries will be posted and strictly enforced. Extra Park Rangers, Wildlife Conservation Officers and State Police will be stationed throughout the park during the hunt," the notice said.

Later in December and through the end of January, a regulated late-season archery hunt will be scheduled in the park north of Dairy Hill Trail to include the Covered Bridge area for a total of 500 acres. A maximum of 12 hunters will be permitted in the hunting area every day. All hunters must attend the mandatory safety orientation. 

The dates for the archery hunt are Dec. 26 through Jan. 26, 2013. 

Contact the park office at 215-968-2021 to receive a copy of the hunting notoce pr a hunt area map. Call Park Manager Brian Flores at 215-968-2021 with other questions and concerns.

J December 05, 2012 at 12:14 PM
I will NOT be going for my walk in Tyler on Wednesday! Enjoy the hunt peeps!


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