'Abuse' of Subpoena Costs Ex-Tullytown Councilman His Job

Former Tullytown Councilman George Fox will not face charges.

Former Tullytown Borough councilman George Fox has lost his job as a clerk with the Bucks County Prothonotary department after an investigation by the district attorney found he issued two unauthorised subpoenas.

While Fox will not be facing any criminal charges, District Attorney David Heckler wrote in a letter to Prothonotary Patricia L. Bachtle that labeled the clerk’s actions as “misconduct” and an “abuse” of the subpoena system.

Fox overstepped his legitimate authority when he purchased a subpoena, stamped it with the county seal and delivered it to Farm and Home Oil on Levittown Parkway in Tullytown as part of an effort to compel them to show him security camera footage from their property, Hecker said.

“The purpose for which Mr. Fox wished to obtain these video surveillance images was to support the issuance of a private criminal complaint in connection with the removal of a plastic sign which he had installed within in the PennDOT right of way in the vicinity of the Farm and Home premises,” Hecker wrote.

Fox is involved with a website that talks about borough government and had signed posted along Levittown Parkway. Until recently, the signs remained along the roadway.

According to Hecker, Fox also admitted making a second invalid subpoena for his girlfriend. The subpoena was made in order to get a police report from Falls Township police. The district attorney was not clear how that police reported played into any court actions.

“He should have known better. He was wrong because he exceeded his authority, but I could not find an egregious violation in his conduct,” Heckler said. He added that he was surprised to find no section of the crimes code which Fox had violated.

Lawyers and other “officers of the court” can purchase blank civil subpoenas from the Prothonotary Office. Hecker said valid cases are marked with a caption on the subpoena. The caption matches up with a court action.

The district attorney summed up his letter by writing that Fox betrayed trust of county officials.

concerned citizen February 06, 2013 at 12:03 PM
He should be charged with littering and made to clean up the sides of all roads in tullytown. No one wants to see signs posted all over the place! They are eyesores just like the landfill mountain! Thats what he should have worried about not making the area more trashy then it is! Im glad hes out of there and we dont have this tyrant desicrating the parkway with his propaganda nonsense!
Patricia February 06, 2013 at 12:09 PM
Oh yes, I'm sure he should have been charged with something other then losing his job. The system is not fair when they choose who to charge, if it were any other civilian of the area the out come would have been different.
Tricia February 06, 2013 at 11:18 PM
You can get a blank subpoena? And who fills it out? Oh wait someone as honest as George Fox! This is just crazy!
Eileen February 07, 2013 at 08:38 PM
Yes and still they are up on Penndot roads the Borough is afraid of George and his Klan and their lies and not wanting to get in the middle they just ignore it. Everyone should put up signs all over I bet they would be taken down. But Mr. Ed. A. made a threat to sue the Borough AGAIN so no on has the B.... to take them down. Oh, Ed C. says his rights of freedom of speech will be violated. Only in Tullytown.
Eileen February 07, 2013 at 08:54 PM
It appears a notary seal has more protection than the county seal used on subpeona's when they allow someone to just use it for their own purpose. Nice job if you can keep it. lol


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