Centennial Wants Feedback on Communication Strategy

School administrators want to know how the public feels about the district's communication methods and ways to improve it.

The following was provided by the Centennial School District:

Has Centennial School District kept you abreast of District news, or is there room for improvement? Just how beneficial could newly-proposed outreach initiatives be to you? If you had to characterize the District, what would you say?
Centennial School District has launched an electronic survey to understand the answers to these and other questions. 
Besides gauging the effectiveness of existing communication methods, the survey questions delve into new ideas being considered such as a speakers bureau, cable programming, Facebook page, and more interaction opportunities with Superintendent Dr. Joyce Mundy, the Board of School Directors, and District Leaders.
Recognizing that the voice of community members is just as critical as that of parents and students enrolled in Centennial, the survey is also directed toward parochial and private school families, graduates, empty-nesters, and members of the business community.
For those eager to share their true feelings about the District’s improvement efforts, image, strengths and weaknesses, there are ample opportunities for frank feedback, all with the peace-of-mind of knowing anonymity will be guaranteed since the survey is being administered by a third-party.

 “We are asking for extensive feedback because we truly want and need to hear it,” emphasized Dr. Mundy.  “Complacency is a mistake for any school district.  As Centennial prepares to implement the communication goals outlined in its Comprehensive Plan, it is important to know how effective our communication processes and tools currently are.”

Responses can be submitted up until February 14 at http://svy.mk/1dxHSF3

The District will share survey data with the community as soon as it becomes available at a future School Board meeting and in its residential newsletter.


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