PHOTOS: Neshaminy Teachers Go On Strike

Teachers picketed outside schools across the district Monday morning.

Instead of reporting to their classrooms Monday morning, Neshaminy teachers hit the picket lines to protest a nearly four-year contract impasse.

The Neshaminy Federation of Teachers President Louise Boyd

Concerned About Bensalem January 10, 2012 at 12:26 PM
In a perfect world, there would be more middle class tax dollars to pay for significant pay raises for teachers all over and not just in the Neshaminy District. Unfortunately, in this economic environment, this is just not the case. The middle class is slowly eroding in the wake of corporate financial woes and cutbacks. Real paying jobs have been on the decline for quite sometime (years). Let's face it; all teachers are not good teachers. All teachers are not productive teachers. I believe teachers should revisit the real reason they wanted to be teachers from day one. I believe that reason to be or at least I would hope it would be to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of the children under their charge. A long time ago teachers were not in it for the money. Now we find ourselves listening to Neshaminy School District teachers balking a paying for, which would probably be an insignificant sum, a portion of their medical insurance. I enjoyed 100% medical for which I paid a weekly stipend. It was a deal and I felt fortunate. Just recently because of low revenues at the company I work for, I now pay a little more, but the coverage has dropped to an 85/15 plan capped at $5000 annual out of pocket for each of us. That's not walk around money. One stay in the hospital, and you're potentially out of $5000. If the wife goes down the same road, that's $10,000 in the same year. Pension will be next with low interest generated by most pension plans. On us too? Get real!!! In
TomInPA January 10, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Teachers are the 1% and make way more than the rest of us. Let them go. Fire them all!
Sharon January 10, 2012 at 06:40 PM
These days majority of the people working pay a portion of their health benefits. I understand about not getting a raise but come on!! your suppse to all be roll models for young students and acting stubborn is just utterly stupid. Neshaminy teachers have been spoiled over many years. I seen it when I was in school there. And i agree with what was said, they need to think back when they decided to become a teacher. for the students not the pay! They should be lucky they have a job with benefits! I am currently working as a temp and i have no benefits!! I would kill to have benefits, i wouldnt mind paying for a portion! At least the board is only asking for a portion not the whole package.
tracey blaney January 10, 2012 at 07:08 PM
I have been a registered nurse in an ICU for twenty years and have ALWAYS contrib- uted a percentage of the cost. I feel ill. Let's puhleaaaase do away with tenure and really make a difference for our kids. BOOOOOO teachers. You really showed us when you refused to decorate classrooms. how pathetic


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