OLGC Students Celebrate Veterans Day

The first grade students at Our Lady of Good Counsel spent time with members of the military Thursday in honor of Veterans Day.

First grade students at were visited by Sergeant Benita Vasquez and Iraqi War veteran First Class Sergeant Michael Hurst Thursday for an early Veteran's Day celebration.  The soldiers talked about the ribbons and medals they wore as well as the different jobs that are involved in the military. They also read a special soldier's version of The Night Before Christmas. The students made cards and presented them to their guests and in return the children received flags that they proudly waved on their way back to class.

Lisa Gasper November 11, 2011 at 10:12 PM
Thank you Sgt.'s Vasquez and Hurt for your service and for taking time out to visit our kids. Happy Veterans Day! OLGC is awesome - what a great learning experience for them.


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