First Day of School Ends Slowly at Davis

Parents remained positive during Tuesday's dismissal at Davis Elementary School, even though most waited more than 30 minutes to pick up their child.

The district's transportation plan for the new Davis Elementary School seemed to work well, if albeit a little slow, at dismissal time Tuesday afternoon, with only a small amount of traffic backing up on to Maple Avenue. 

Staff members donned in navy blue Davis Elementary School T-Shirts, helped facilitate the process by taking the names of parents in line and alerting staff in the building to ready the appropriate children.

Two members of the Upper Southampton Police Department were also at the school, directing the traffic both in the street and on the lot.

Cars drove in a serpentine through the parking lot until they reached the long drive parallel to the front of the building. There drivers were instructed to stack their cars in rows of two, while they waited for their children to exit the building.

Several parents came prepared to wait, with reading materials in tow. and for the most part the mood of the drivers along the line of cars remained upbeat and positive.

"It's only the first day," said Dana Hordijenko  as she waited to pick up her daughter, Alyssa, from the afternoon Kindergarten session.

"Things will get better as time goes on," she added.

MB Emig September 05, 2012 at 01:03 PM
WHY are there so many car riders? And true, it was the first day, hopefully things will improve, everyone needs to stay positive.
Daniella September 05, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Part of the reason there are probably so many car riders is they extended the school day to 3:30pm and,on top of that, do not have enough buses to efficiently handle the amount of students, with the combined schools and the increase of kids who now need transportation and are no longer walkers. Therefore, there could be many parents who want to pick up their kids so they dont have to spend 40 minutes on the bus. For instance, we live 5 minutes away, but my daughter's bus arrival is scheduled at 4:07pm. Nearly 40 minutes to get home. Even worse, the bus took more than an hour to get to our bus stop yesterday- it was 25 minutes late. Even with the traffic, as a car rider, we still beat that bus. I know it was the first day though, so I'm hoping it improves but sigificant improvements have to be made.
jenifer September 05, 2012 at 07:01 PM
No way I'm letting my 7 year old walk that far too school I have to drive him to school even though they feel he is close enough to be a walker he absolutly is not! especially not on maple Ave. I waited 40 minutes yesterday by the way and it seemed pretty unorganized to me, hoping it gets better.
michelle September 05, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Stop whiningm please!, if you're not happy with the option of the kid walking or taking the bus because its too long or YOU don't feel the kid is old enough, then drive, and deal with the wait. Obviously qualified educators believe its ok for junior or missy to walk.T here's the saying, Put your money where you're mouth is, if a person is so dissatisfied with the decisions about times of school hours or transportation based upon taxes you're paying, take the kid out and school them privately. I am quite sure the special ed kiddies won't get the level of service in public ed, but stop complaining. The weather sucked yesterday , the kids ( especially elementary) move like snails, and there might have been a few drivers texting or yakking on the phone slowing the line. If bus trans. was never offered, people would be in an uproar. I have no children, but I'm a teacher, and pay taxes supporting this district, which allows me my 2c,
Walt 5223 September 15, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Like to know who made these plans? It's a funnel,open other side of school,and create flow.Doesn't take genius !


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