Thomas Elected as Council Rock School Board President

Wendi Thomas, formerly the vice president, will now serve as the board's president.

The Council Rock School Board on Thursday selected Wendi Thomas to serve as president for the coming year.

Thomas, a Northampton Township resident, was formerly the vice president of the board. Her term ends in 2015.

The vote to appoint Thomas as president was 8-1, with Bernadette Heenan voting no.

Thomas replaces Kyle McKessy, who was elected as board vice president.

Pete Palestina December 07, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Ed, FYI, I watch most all the Board meetings and am not ignorant as to what is going on in the District. I respect your opinion and also understand why you feel that way. We can agree to disagree. The point is that the Directors have indicated that they wish Thomas to lead them in the upcoming year. I was a Northampton Supervisor for 24 years and Chairman many times. It wasn't an all powerful position, simply one of a leadership role to facilitate the meetings and set the agenda. Every Board member has an equal vote and voice during meetings and the setting of policies. If the leader does not do a good job, the others can always select a new leader at any time. Let's just agree to disgree and I respect your opinion as well as anyone else's.
Ed December 07, 2012 at 06:29 PM
Agree to disagree on what Pete? I bet we agree on more then you think. Board process? Your service on a township board had you listening to the public on every motion - school board don't do that and that is wrong. Reelection? I think rather then you or George or Chet or others serving for so long which is commendable, others should step up and serve the community as well. If your 24 years didn't make you comfortable in the seat then I commend you but too often I have seen the position become the power. As for last night I ask where were the other 7 in serving as chairperson? Every member having equal? First in my book every resident whether a parent or just a tax payer need to have that equal voice which we don't. Process? Too many past issues to get into but the process has not been representative nor serving as too often the process has been more behind the scenes then in the public eye and that is wrong. And again I do hope you are not twisting my complaints about process into knocking anyone's service - it's about the process. Wendy will be great - Nancy Carroll said it all very well last night. Let's meet at Hogeland's sometime ... Happy Holidays!!
elle December 08, 2012 at 03:33 PM
I think this district needs a lot of fresh new blood! Klein needs to retire ! This district is not at all what it use to be. And I have been in this district long enough to know that my daughters learned enough about the Holocaust ! They learned about it in Elementary , Middle and High School ! I also noticed that they only seem to learn about people that are Jewish for ex. Harry Houdini , Ann Frank ! I would love to know who is in charge of what and who the kids are taught!
Ed December 08, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Wow elle. Your right to say what you want. I have been critical of this district, administration, and the academic standards / practices of equal education for years - but I would have to admittedly disagree with your statements. I don't want any "group" including PARE or the district controlling our children's complete education, but I have ABSOLUTELY no idea where your claim of a abundance of Jewish favored education comes from - if we are talking about reality. To not insult you - I will not comment further but I absolutely disagree. As for Mr. Klien - I would disagree that he "needs to retire" and ask why? If anything we our elected representatives to grow a backbone and realize they hired him and that they should be for us the final word and stop continually giving him the power and final say. Mr Klien deals with the hand he is given. We the people and our representatives should be in the driver's seat. Mr. Klien and I disagree on a lot and I do not put him on the pedestal our board does but I disagree HE needs to go. As for CRSD not being what it use to be - that is up for debate as I have heard that spin before from critics who'd rather blog then get involved to help and learn facts. I'd ask you to look past this bash spin based on opinion instead of fact and look at the realities of how lucky we are to have CRSD. Even with my disappointments in this board and a bunch of the process of the board and education - I would never agree with your accusations.
Meg_A_Beach December 10, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Wow, just wow.


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