Micheale Gorman
Micheale Gorman, or Micki as she's more commonly known, is an award-winning writer and photographer, and the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Puppies (Alpha Books, 2006).   She has also served as editor for several book projects, including the Idiot's Guide to Dream Jobs (Alpha Books, October 2005) and the Everything Guide to Investing (Adams Media, 2005).
Raised an Army brat, Micki grew up moving around the country and the world with her family.  As a result of her travels in Southern Korea, Spain, as well as various regions in sub-Saharan Africa and South America, she developed a passion for political, social, cultural and economic issues that spurred her undergraduate and graduate studies in Political Science, International Relations and Economics.  Micki is also fortunate enough to have parents who held foreign travel and education in the highest regard, allowing her to attend the University of Madrid for certificates in Spanish Culture and Art. Micki has been writing and editing professionally in one capacity or another since 1990.  Lucky enough to land a Sports Editor position with TV Guide Magazine during the Barcelona Olympics, she developed a love for the written word that continues to be focus of her professional life. She has written for the Chester County Press, Nouveau Magazine, Homeschooling Parent Magazine, as well as many other print and online publications. In addition to writing, Micki is the President/CEO of BrandStorm Group, LLC, a local business development, marketing, communications and public relations organization, and An Event for All Seasons, an event planning service producing events local, regional and national businesses. Micki lives in an old but interesting house originally designed as a hunting cabin in Warminster with her husband of 11 years, Chad, and their daughter Bronwen, and their bevy of canines.  
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