Train for Spaceflight in Southampton

Southampton's Environmental Tectonics Corporation now offers an advanced two-day training course at the NASTAR Center.

Upper Southampton’s Environmental Tectonics Corporation NASTAR Center is set to debut its newest space training course.

"Advanced Space Training" is designed to provide spaceflight participants with enhanced knowledge, in-depth training, and emergency procedure preparedness for unexpected spaceflight situations.  

The Advanced Space Training Course is a two-day, secondary level course providing progressive knowledge and skills necessary to prepare space travelers for suborbital spaceflight.

Through a combination of academic lessons and hands-on skill acquisition, as well as a high altitude chamber flight to experience hypoxia and rapid decompression, and a series of spatial disorientation and Loss Of Control In-flight (LOC-I) simulation flights, participants will become better informed and prepared for unexpected spaceflight situations.

"The Advanced Space Training course provides a higher level of training and comprehension, going above and beyond its precursor prerequisite course - Basic Space Training, for individuals wanting more knowledge, practice, and exposure to handling emergency situations," says Brienna Henwood, Director of Space Training and Research at NASTAR Center.

Participants will receive a mission kit including course book, team photo, certificate of completion, and a personal DVD of their spaceflight experience as well as a NASTAR Center Suborbital Passenger Card and certificate of achievement from NASTAR Center, an FAA Safety Approved Center.

The National AeroSpace Training And Research Center has been in operation since 2007 and was the first training center approved by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA AST) to provide Commercial Spaceflight Training.

Thus far, the NASTAR Center has trained over 240 people for upcoming commercial spaceflights.

For scheduling information and to register for this or other NASTAR Center Space Training courses, visit www.nastarcenter.com.


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