PA Powerball: $550 Million Powerball Drawing is Tonight

Pennsylvania is one of 42 states that offer the lottery game; find retailers in Southampton and tips on how to play here.

Update: Click here to view the winning numbers from Wednesday's drawing.

No one won the PowerBall drawing this past Saturday and the jackpot grew to a record-setting $425 million by Monday. But then PowerBall prize money grew from $425 million to $500 million and then again to $550 million on Tuesday for Wednesday's drawing.

To play the PowerBall, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery website you play up to five panels on your Powerball playslip. On each panel, you select five numbers from 1 to 59 in the top grid, and select one number from 1 to 35 in the bottom grid. Or you can select the quick pick option to have your numbers randomly selected by the computer.

The jackpot is won by matching all five white balls in any order and the red Powerball and the prize money is either an annuitized prize paid out over 29 years (30 payments) or a lump sum payment. If the winner chooses the annuity, the annual payment will be increased each year by the percentage set out in the Powerball game rules.

The second prize is won by matching five white balls in any order and the winning is $1,000,000 paid in cash. Any time you match the red Powerball, you win. The overall odds of winning a prize in the game are approximately 1 in 32. Click here to view the odds of winning.

Want a chance at the jackpot? Click here for a list of Southampton businesses selling the $2 tickets.

The next drawing is this Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 10:59 p.m. and can be watched locally on WPVI channel 6. Ticket sales for the drawing end no later than 10 p.m.; check with your local retailer to find out its cutoff policy.

To find other PowerBall vendors in the Philadelphia area, plug an address or ZIP code into the Pennsylvania Lottery website's retailer-locator application.


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